If you’re looking for love in all the wrong places, why not settle for a one night stand?

Star wranglers looking for love

astronaut dials up virtual girl
Source image by Neutral Art

As long as you’re sharing, mix a little joy into the batter

Home Recipes Week

Church surrounded by marijuana plants
Source image by Wire Stock

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Unless its Trojan.

Home Recipes Week

lawyer freaks out amid cloud of cocaine
Source image by Freepik

McConnell says he’ll do “fuck all” to fix problem

Excavator clears away rubble of the US Capitol
Excavation crews clean up US Capitol rubble after country goes bankrupt. (Copper Pipe)

With the proper medication, you can accomplish anything

Home Recipes Week

Source image by Freepik

Never get caught between a psychotic’s gun and their invisible kangaroo

Home Recipes Week

Man shooting imaginary kangaroo
Source image by Pixabay

The key to good cooking is the garnish

Home Recipes Week

Recipe book with recipes for pue and cocaine
Source image by pixel-shot.com

Nothing beats an orgy to remind you why you married

Party Time

Attorney waits for wedding topping couple to sign
Source image by pxfuel

When your party takes an unexpected turn, salvage the night by posting the video online

Party Time

Couple has sex while whole world watches
Source image by Look Studio

Just because they’re laughing doesn’t mean they’re laughing with you

Party Time

Clown with egg on face
Source image by Aasier Relampagoe Studio

Phillip T Stephens

Living metaphor. Follow me @stephens_pt.

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