And if you can’t be a full-fledged cynic, learn to adopt an attitude of skepticism. This is not the opposite of faith, but the compliment.

Above all, cynicism and skepticism aren’t excuses to disregard others, they’re mandates to test and prove. For instance, Jim Fritzen, Trump does drive ratings, so yes, we should be skeptical of news accounts. But we can’t dismiss them out of hat. We must weigh the quality of the information they deliver.

I would not have applauded this article had I not already been familiar. I would have checked to see if Jessica truly understood cynicism because so many people read a few internet posts on cynicism (or any philosophy) and adapt it to their own ends.

Actually, the filter of personal need and belief is unavoidable. The question is, how well does the writer break through her own filters to convey the topic? And how much accuracy and detail would I expect in a post of this sort?

My teachers accused me of cynicism throughout high school. I was proud of the label, even though I knew nothing about cynicism other than it means “smart ass.” When I studied cynicism in college, I realized I wasn’t a cynic, but I was, like Diogenes, a smart ass.

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