As someone who suffered chronic depression most of my life, I agree that lifestyle changes and embracing attitude and perception shifts are important. Like you, I worked my way out of depression more than once. But my biggest discovery was that if I continued to face depression after years of recovery I should also seek medical help. Medication isn’t evil, and it may take a few years to find the right one (or combination). Medication and counseling also made it easier to make the correct adjustments when I suspected I might be about to face another spiral.

Being raised a Baptist Preacher’s Kid, this was difficult because the idea that mood altering drugs undermined faith was drilled into us, and continued to influence my thinking long after I shifted from the Baptist Church and evangelicalism to a more inclusive understanding of the faith. But after watching my father die in pain from cancer because the family continually insisted pain medication is addictive and therefore immoral, I realized the hypocrisy of this view.

Depression is a dangerous and deceptive illness and those who suffer should take advantage of every aid available.

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Living metaphor. Follow me @stephens_pt.

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