Bikinis and thongs? Body shaming is an age-old industry gimic.

The downside of capitalism is that somewhere, someone is looking for the next product to exploit us. If we want to talk about body shaming, let’s look at the Internet which promised intellectual freedom and the exchange of ideas, allowing readers to branch into any topic of interest.

Instead of an intricate web of hypertext, developers gave us porn.

Talk about body shaming. Thousands of young women now believe their future is selling their body as pay-per-view. Porn, with its image of women as pre-pubescent babes with large breasts, sent more women to the waxing salon than bikinis ever did. Not to mention boob jobs. I read somewhere the average career for a budding young star is two-months. How many girls purging and waxed in preparation for stardom only to end up working at KFC?

The fashion industry specializes in body shaming, body shaming and cultural shaming. Think of the women in the west who crushed their ribs and hips squeezing into corsets. Think of the Chinese women who suffered crushed feet and toes to trim their feet to size. Modern feminists may call the hijab liberating, but tell that to women told their body was too shameful to display in public—acceptable to men only when they became property.

Let’s face it, even were we to shed our clothes and stampede to the beaches nude like Austin’s old guard flock to Hippie Hollow, Corporate America would find a way to shame women into buying oils, merkins or vj pasties, beach shoes, beach waxes and hair products. Not to mention products to perfect their all-over tans.

And my fellow men? We’ll get a pass. After all, male body shaming would shame America’s corporate and political alpha males[1] and we can’t have that.

[1]Not to mention our alpha alpha male. You know, the one who rolls belly up for Russia’s alpha male.

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Living metaphor. Follow me @stephens_pt.

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