Dr. Mr. Ishac,

There are two criteria for the award. The first is that you write unflattering and untrue articles about the President, which you have, we will admit, done. (We have not shown them to the President because he wouldn’t read them anyway.) However, that is only half of the criteria. You must also be famous enough to have your story denounced on Fox and Friends, which is the only way it will come to his attention.

The second criteria is that you write totally false stories about Hillary Clinton which attempt to prove she is innocent of all charges, and won the popular vote without cheating, which we know she didn’t. On this criteria, you have failed miserably.

Please feel free to continue your unabashed slander and libel against the President on your own, without spending the millions necessary to ratchet up a publicity machine. Money talks to the President, even the money of the illegal and soon to be shut down fake media. You have none, and admitted so yourself.


K.I. Sass, White House Communications Office

Written by

Living metaphor. Follow me @stephens_pt.

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