Elections are our modern TV mini-series

You are dead right. I said the same thing about Bush when he ran against Ann Richards in Texas, and I’ve been saying Hillary needed to simplify her message. Voters don’t want substance, they don’t want to think, they want two to three ideas they can digest and remember.

Democrats lose sight of that, and when they do, they lose office.

They think people really remember how bad it was when Bush left office, but they don’t. I said this to my physical therapist this morning, a woman in her thirties with a five year old son, and she said, “That’s right, there was some sort of housing crisis, wasn’t there?”

She’s an intelligent woman, who voted for Hillary, who had forgotten as have most, the stock market crisis, the bank closings, the impending collapse of the auto industry. All brought about by a Republican administration and Congress. Who sold America on a few key ideas, just like Trump.

But Democrats forgot that too. They really believed Americans remembered, when most Americans don’t remember who won the Super Bowl and World Series two years ago. Or who was President before Reagan. Or after Nixon. Or who won the Vietnam war.

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