I agree with you. Everything we perceive to be a fact is merely information processed through the brain’s filters. This makes us both extreme skeptics. But before we clasp hands and jump off the high board into the depths of the Hume pool, are you so willing to sacrifice the word “fact” altogether?

I remain a born-again Christian, although I no longer agree with most born again Christians as to what that phrase means. I believe that some statements can be reasonably accepted to be “factual,” and I too support Hillary and have through the entire process, even though my politics are more closely aligned to Bernie’s (I still have my copy of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals from my days with ACORN, and even bought it in eBook).

Yes, many Trump supporters are driven by loneliness and fear, but having been born and raised in Texas, with a gene pool that gravitates towards NASCAR, the Dallas Cowboys and Trump, I can tell you that loneliness and fear doesn’t motivate Trump supporters nearly so much as self-interest.

More than anything else Trump’s base follows the belief, “Don’t ask what I can do for my country, tell me what my country can do for me.” If they have any fear, it’s the fear of being proven wrong. Even their Christianity, where they follow it, it self-serving. They follow God for the reward of an afterlife, and many for the belief that God will return to them tenfold on earth what they give to him here. Service to others doesn’t enter the equation. It’s merely a metaphor for how they will be treated in the afterlife by the secular humanists and Hillary supporters who call them deplorable now.

Trump promises one big payout for the insults they believe they have been hurled against them for so long. He is the equivalent of a Miller Beer ad. “You worked hard, you played hard, you voted for Trump, now it’s payoff time.” We pull the ring top, who cares about the rest of you?

So, yes, we all rationalize, we all filter facts.

Some of us, however, take a moment to reflect and digest. Some of us look for more sources of information than FOX News, or even MSNBC or CNN. Some of us, when we see a post on Facebook, track it down to see if it’s legit. Some of us doubt. In that respect, we are different than Trump supporters.

Trump supporters don’t. They never question. He’s hoping there are enough of those voters out there to push him over the finish line.

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Living metaphor. Follow me @stephens_pt.

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