I agree with you one hundred percent. And I spent my adult teaching career teaching young boys not to be shits. It was an uphill battle because the women who taught with me felt it was more important to support their female students than teach badly behaving boys. They felt the way you did.

But here’s the problem:

Most of the men I know aren’t going to do it. And with the hair piece in the White House, fewer men will be encouraged to do so.

The women who raised me didn’t teach me. They said, “boys will be boys,” which too many women I know in Texas still believe.

I would still be the little shit stomping women’s flowers if the adult women who worked with me didn’t slap me silly and bring me to my senses.

So the question is, do you want to join a community of teachers while we’re young, or put up with our shit when we’re too old to train?

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Living metaphor. Follow me @stephens_pt.

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