I considered your suggestion that people voluntarily participate in the act of hypnosis before I clicked on the “tunnel to your hand” video. I also asked myself, if your statement “ let me introduce you to Andrus’ remarkable trick. I promise you will experience something wonderful …Just click on the video, follow the instructions, and prepare to be amazed by this weird trick of the mind” might possibly create an expectation that the mind fulfills,

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With my mind reframed to let’s wait and see” instead of “I will be amazed,” I was not amazed. My [spoiler alert] looked perfectly normal. I noticed that the speaker never specifically describes the effect the viewers were to experience. He says, after he returns from the blank screen, “Crazy, huh? Don’t worry, it will fade.”

In this way viewers can experience a variety of [spoiler alert] “effects” and believe their unique experiences were, in fact, universal.

I ran the video again, without [spoiler alert], and focused on the transition from the tunnel to black screen. For a few seconds I saw marginal ghosting, which my eye doctor explained as a normal carry over from staring at a bright object and switching to dull one.

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