I find it ironic that the most vocal group of Christians in America today play the victim card, and claim that secular society is trying to discriminate against them. They say this in spite of the fact Americans are more free to worship than just about any other country, and the only consquences they suffer is punlic criticism. You cannot be a victim for your faith when a central tenet of your faith is that people will despise and persecute you.

In America, however, the question is, are Christians despised and persecuted for their faith or for the way they treat others in the name of their faith? In almost every case it is the latter.

A free society, however, prohibits people from moving to the front of the line because they believe they’re right and everyone else is wrong. This isn’t discrimination against the people who believe they belong at the front of the line, but protecting everyone else from being kept at the back until nothing remains for them to wait in line for.

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