I fully understand. There is an exhaustion that sets in when you cover Drumpf. And the feeling that anything you write in satire he will turn over to his script writers and say, “Write that into tomorrow’s episode.”

Is it possible to satirize someone who believes you either love him or else you’re (with the same thought) a non-person and object of derision?

There are so many better things to write about and too many pleasant thoughts sucked into the swamp to make room for him. And yet I feel that resistance is also important. Satire boosts the morale of the troops.

But I still try to see Drumpf as a human being, a lonely misguided child whose father compensated for the loss of love with millions of dollars and a terrible example to follow. He deserves our empathy, sympathy and several years of rest at the best psychiatric clinic he can afford where he can no longer be of danger to society.

Living metaphor. Follow me @stephens_pt.

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