I looked it up. On average we spend 3.67 years eating, or 35% less time than we do on social media. So I thought, too much social media. Then I thought, how much of the time we spend eating do we spend eating nourishing food and how much is devoted to donuts, chips, McDonalds, candy bars and other crap?

No answer for that. But considering the fact it took me two years to lose 130 pounds and my weight led to two knee surgeries and a compressed spine, I have to think a lot. For instance, I bought a dozen or more donuts a week at the Quality Dairy (where Magic Johnson worked) when we were at Michigan State. In my defense, I went for the donuts. I didn’t know Magic was magic until I watched the NCAA finals because my neighbor threw a finals party with donuts and beer. But the nutritional value? -25 on a scale of one to five.

However, if I perjure these numbers with nutritional value, I have to figure in the edification (spiritual and moral nutrition) value of social media, which is probably less than donuts. My wife posts links to Native American and rescue sites, my brother-in-law the priest posts links to challenging theological articles no one reads, my friend Kim from high school who evolved from cheerleader to left-wing social critic. And 999,o00 posts a day — mostly memes and complaints about Trump or (still) Obama and Hillary, people who hate Jesus (that would be me and my brother-in-law the priest according to them), and people who want to steal our guns (again me).

Tough choice.

Is there a twelve-step group for social media?

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Living metaphor. Follow me @stephens_pt.

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