I remember seminars and curriculum mandates insisting we tailor all of our classes to the nine kinds of intelligence to make sure every student was appropriately covered. The fact that Gardner’s book may have been fundamentally flawed in its research or reasoning, or, yet another misguided trend in academics, never occurred to anyone. And so we churned out reams of paperwork and devoted even more hours of time our students needed us to devote to coursework and face time to justify yet another educational model.

We were also in the middle of the “rubrics” phase around that time, which educators were sold on but few could define, so we found ourselves modeling nine kinds of intelligence into rubrics for course models. Ironically, I was creating multimedia courses for charter schools which were supposed to be free of this nonsense, but that was patently absurd. Charter school curricula, at least in Texas, still had to meet the same knowledge sets as elementary, middle and high schools. The charter schools simply didn’t have to hire certified teachers, or allow them to be unionized, or pay them on the same wage scale.

But that’s another story.

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