I saw the headline link from another story and, instead of reading your story, I said, “wait! Taylor Swift got married?” And immediately searched “Taylor Swift wedding” on Google, even though I only ever think of her when I see a fuzzy photo with the link “see Taylor Swift naked” in junk mail, and, I admit, I click on the link and it’s not Taylor Swift and she’s never naked, just wearing a skin-tone track suit, but that’s not the point, the first photo loaded was Taylor Swift cutting a wedding cake with a DJ, but not a real DJ but the kind of DJ who only gets hired for cousins’ weddings, which is beside the point, I really just replied to let you know your story was the first link listed on Google, which may mean it’s authentic Google recommended reading, or it might mean a bot discovered I read other articles by you or in The Haven but I thought you should know it was the number one article for at least one nanosecond in cyberspace, and then I looked at the date and thought, “oh, shit, this was written two years ago and she probably no longer remembers she wrote this. What must she think of me that I only got around to reading this now even though it’s the top story on Google?”

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