I tell my grandchildren they’re watching a movie, like those horror movies (you know, the original Invaders From Mars) where the hero wakes up and it was all a dream.[1] One day, I say, the movie will end and we’ll wake up and go back to happy lives.

Of course, we may also be obliterated when our first strike on Kim Jong Un (it will never be about the country North Korea) escalates into a nuclear three-way between the US. Post-Soviet Russia and China because 45 can’t shut up. But why spoil their days?

[1] I burned the movie to an .mp4 file and edited out the last bit, after where he wakes up from the dream. The part where he looks out the window and 45 wins the White House, I mean, the aliens land again. They are still children.

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Living metaphor. Follow me @stephens_pt.

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