I, too, receive dozens of emails daily from Hillary and her surrogates, many thanking me for donations I never sent and asking me to pitch in even more. Surprisingly, they even started calling my wife Carol on my cell phone asking for money.

I would be more generous, but during the last election I sent a $25 dollar contribution that they turned into a monthly siphon. We didn’t discover the siphon for almost a year. When we called the Democratic Party and kindly asked them to return the money, that we never intended to donate that much money, they told us it would be impossible and we should be glad to have given so much to such a good cause.

I had served as precinct chair for many elections, but grew tired of watching one more white guy getting the nomination. During the 2004 election, I represented our precinct as the Sharpton delegate to make my point, still was elected to the precinct chair, and made it to the County Convention, but the next year they rewrote the rules to make it more difficult to get elected.

For that election year I wrote “none of the above” for President on my ballot rather than voting for John Kerry and emailed every Democratic Senator and every Texas party official explaining why. (I’m sure the email never made it past an office toady’s desk.)

Nonetheless, Hillary and her surrogates continue to write, dozens of times a day, as though nothing happened, like an old boyfriend, you know the type, expecting me to cave in and finance the show. Write but never send roses.

It seems my vote will never be good enough.

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Living metaphor. Follow me @stephens_pt.

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