I took a different message from the series. From the moment they arrived, neither the town nor the commune tried to accommodate each other. Rather than looking for any common ground on how to best serve the community, the locals resisted the integration of the alien invaders (sound familiar?) and the commune adopted the same strategies to fight back. Locals shoot at members of commune? Commune arms themselves to fight back with superior numbers. Change the local ordinances? Commune tries to elect new council. Block their ability to vote? Commune floods town with homeless people who can.

This constant escalation ruined lives and changed nothing. Commune members remain loyal, but from a new location. Locals subverted the law and threatened lives, and only take away “we won.”

The series depicted a lose-lose scenario in which no one understood the levels of corruption and violence to which they were willing to descend.

Written by

Living metaphor. Follow me @stephens_pt.

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