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No, she’s not a character on Star Trek Discovery, this is cosplay. CBS’s intended demographic, however, is too old to know what cosplay is. We do role play, which is a lot more fun. (Wikipedia)

If only network execs sank with their ships

Television might answer to Darwin and evolve its decision making

Why can’t CBS start it’s Sunday night programs when scheduled? Anyone who knows CBS Sundays knows why.

I watched three Star Trek episodes a day, at least one of the stoned, in college. By the time Deep Space Nine arrived I was past it.

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The look between Jason Isaacs and Doug Jones says it all: “CBS will sabotage us in dry dock.” (Rachael Toaduff)

After the Heidi game in 1968, CBS became the laughing stock of TV critics. They switched away from a two touchdown rally in the last minute[4] to Heidi, which CBS broadcast to open the family Thanksgiving season.

It’s 7:51 CST: I see a commercial for Star Wars 7 with Daisy Ridley in the desert. Oh, excuse me, that’s not Daisy Ridley, it’s Michelle Yeoh. Star Trek Discovery has finally begun more than 20 minutes late.

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