I'm sending this for Smiling Through My Teeth's husband because even though he works for a tech company he has an assistant to do all his "nerd stuff," and, since he's my brother in law, and his assistant texted him, "Quit bothering me at home, you ass. Your company laid me off because of the virus."

Nothing in this comment reflects the opinion of the poster, or any publications with which I'm associated.

Hey, Heather, if that's really you're (sic) name, which I dount because no one giving out your advice would want people to find them. Think about things from the husband's (my) POINT OF VIEW. If I have to keep the family afloat without a personal assistant, then the family should damn well get in line and support me. She complains about me when she won't even buy the gourmet tuna I like (because of some fictional budget we're on now that her work hours are scaled back), and runs off willy nilly during the day and expects me to take care of the kids? As if I have time to sort things out when they knock my brand new pre-virus 16K HDTV because she was "at the grocery store" to stop them. Think about that before you mouth off. Or should I say text off you

Note from editor: The rest was deleted by the Haven for violating the human decency guidelines.

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