In the nineteenth century a family member was a Protestant missionary to Mexico and his throat was cut (presumably by Catholics, which is a safe bet considering that most of the population was Catholic) and pages from his Bible stuffed into the wound. I heard this story many times growing up to explain why our family hated Catholics. I never shared this with them but I couldn’t see blaming an entire faith for what two assholes did to family members. Anger allows us to ignore our own shortcomings. I know too many people who have been victimized by white privilege to criticize their anger. People who are angry over historical events miss the point. There is no justice for the dead, especially those dead for centuries.

Justice for the living, however, is still attainable and I think people are better served to focus their energy on seeking justice. Even so, energy easily turns to anger. Focus on justice. But it is okay to poke fun at racists. They wound easily, especially their poor delicate psyches.

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Living metaphor. Follow me @stephens_pt.

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