I’ve had it wrong, we’ve had it wrong.

Your campaign sent the wrong messages to America. (And too, too many.)

I’ve been defending you with the wrong message.

Forget the touching women thing.

Forget the being in Putin’s pocket thing.

Forget the bribes, the tax scams, the charity scams. Trump’s followers are blue collar workers, paid by the hour who give a shit about none of that.

You should send one message:

Never, ever vote for the boss

Trump isn’t one of you. Trump isn’t one of us. Trump is the boss. He decides on the bottom line. And hard working, beer drinking, NASCAR and NFL loving, Duck Dynasty watching, gun collecting, Jesus praying Trump voters know the boss never has your back.

When money’s tight, when there’s a deal to be made (and Donald is the deal maker), when someone has to go, does the boss cut his salary? Does the boss sell his car? No, the boss says:

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Who made that phrase famous first?

Donald Trump.

And who wants to be boss of the whole country?

Donald Trump.

And who already told hundreds, if not thousands of hard working, hard hat blue collar workers — the same kind of workers who are lining up to vote for him now — “You’re fired?”

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That’s right. Donald Trump.

And who’s going tell everyone of his voters, “You’re fired,” when he can’t meet the demands of the Federal budget?

From here on out, one message only:

Trump will fire you. Count on it.

We aren’t talking about college professors here. Trump’s supporters can’t juggle nuance. But they can hold one thought and they can recognize their own self-interest when you remind them of it over and over again.

So do it. Keep your foot on the gas. For the next week.

Forget the rest. It’s all a wash.

Just keep up the mantra:

“Trump is the boss.

Never trust a boss.

Trump will fire you.”

Once you put it like that, who cares about a few e-mails?

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Living metaphor. Follow me @stephens_pt.

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