Mother read those rhymes to me as a kid. I don’t know where she found a copy. Maybe a used bookstore in St. Paul. Her coat was thin and she wanted to escape the snow.
The publisher closed its doors in the depression. They couldn’t even sell a Hemingway book. Even a little book that fit in your pocket. Priced at a nickel to move from the shelves.
I loaned our copy to Tommy Fawcett in third grade. Tommy never returned it. He was a bad egg.

Now it’s back in circulation. That makes me happy. Like fishing in the middle of a cold river with the sun burning the back of my neck. I bought a copy, took it back to our camp.

I caught six trout. Their scales sparkled in the water when I reeled them in. My wife wrapped the fish with pages from the book.

“It’s shit,” she told me. “It’s all shit. Just like our life on this river.”

Written by

Living metaphor. Follow me @stephens_pt.

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