One irony of creationism is that faith which depends on evidence isn’t faith, it’s a belief system like any other theory/evidence based system. Rather than elevating faith they reduce it to a school of thought.

Another irony is the claim that creationism is based on the authority of scripture, which they believe to be inerrant and supreme. But if that claim is true, any appeals to scientific evidence are both irrelevant and superfluous.

The core of Judaism and Christianity are the same. God is a person (being) infused in and beyond nature with whom we build a relationship (correspondence). Once that relationship is established we need no proof, any more than I need proof of my relationship with my wife and family. Should the state or another person demand proof of that relationship, any documents would only serve their demands. They remain irrelevant to my own faith in my family relationships.

Nor should we forget that we shine the light of God on the world through our service and example. The song we sing says, “They will know we are Christians by our love” (not by a defense of creationism).

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