For all its power, the Mac OS still fails to offer simple tasks. (Z.cavid)

Really, Apple?

Simple functions you still haven’t added

So far reviewers love Apple’s release of OS 10 Mojave. I remain uncommitted. I’m clinging to my 2015 MacBook Pro because I hate the touch bar. Now that I think of it, Mojave reminds me of the software equivalent of the touch bar. Cool concept, but functionally useless.

Using Stacks like putting all my loose documents under six paperweights. I still have to look under the paperweights.

Nor can I create stacks in folders. If I want to create a stack to contain documents from multiple folders, I create an alias of each document and stack that. Since the only files I save to the desktop are temporary items I intend to discard, it doesn’t matter whether I stack them before I drag them to the trash, or drag select and drag them to the trash.

In the meantime, I’m still waiting for

basic operational fixes that you think would be easy, but not to Apple.

Move To and Copy To command

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if I could select a file, or group of files, and use the “Move To” or “Copy To” command?

Why do we have to have two windows open to move one file to another folder?[1] I spend more time organizing files than working some days, especially when I need to move files in one location to different folders. For each new destination folder, the finder demands that I navigate to the main folder location and burrow down to the final location.

QuickMoveFile shortcuts several Finder Operations, but I use to organize my files.
QuickMoveFile shortcuts several Finder Operations, but I use to organize my files.

Create New Folder from “Save Bookmarks” in Safari

Shouldn't there be a "New Folder" button?
Shouldn’t there be a “New Folder” button?

Steve was “that guy,” who showed up at our door with exactly the product we wanted (and which we couldn’t afford). Cook is “that other guy.” He wants to be sexy, but shows up with gas station flowers and candy.

Or else gifts that, like dark mode, have been around so long they’re only sexy because they finally arrived. Like Google finally promising fiberoptic cable to your neighborhood, a year after your cable company laid the lines.

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