The harsh reality of demographics

Rural white America swept Donald Trump into the Presidency believing he would bring an end to the violence and threats to national security posed by immigrants, Moslems, and inner city crime. (You can translate this to black people.) He used the threat of crime to drive your fears, but also the underlying threat of income inequality.

Immigrants (read Mexicans), Moslems, and the residents of the “inner city” (read black) threaten your livelihoods. Migrant workers are taking low-end jobs, trade deals are taking union jobs, and…

We don’t say it but we know the story, don’t we.

Union jobs are going to black people. Koreans and Moslems own the corner stores mom and pop used to own. They even speak Korean and Arabic in front of us. Not only that, when we can’t even go to the doctor anymore. We have to go to the “Clinic,” where the receptionist is most likely black or Mexican, and the half the time they stick us with a Pakistani doctor. If we have to go to the emergency ward, as most Americans did before Obamacare (and will have to when the Republicans take it away) we’ll see a Pakistani or Asian doctor most of the time.

Those of us who listened to the news most likely caught the other message: changing demographics mean more and more Mexican, Asian and Black and young voters are entering the voting rolls. And they’re voting Democrat in overwhelmingly large numbers.

Republicans don’t like to think about that, and Democrats count on that.

Republican speed bumps ahead

I think it’s neutral news. I think, I hope, the two parties will fracture into four, if not five under the weight of their own intransigence by 2024. I personally think the Republicans may even find themselves in gridlock with each other. I think the eager beaver Trump people will try to nuke the filibuster and not even get a majority vote from their own party to pull it off.

Ten or fifteen Senators will be smart enough to see the day when the Democrats return to power, when the comes that day they’ll beg for the filibuster to return. On the off chance the Democrats decide they don’t want to play fair all of a sudden, these few wise Republicans will probably decide to keep the filibuster card in play for their own rainy day.

That blip will start the fractures and soon the Republicans will be at each others’ throats over free trade, tax relief v. the national debt and how far back to set the gay marriage clock. And white folks in charge will think they’re safe because no one can cross our borders.

But that’s not how demographics work.

Demographic shifts in action

The coming face of rural America and we owe it all to the 2016 election.

You see, all those families rural white folks hate will get tired of being second class citizens and they won’t sit around whining like white folks do. They’ve proven that for the last thirty years. That’s why they own the stores, secured the union jobs that were supposed to be handed out because of nepotism, and ended up taking all the medical degrees while white folks sat around whining about “affirmative action” instead of pulling themselves up by their bootstraps and improving their grades so they wouldn’t be the ones competing with the “unqualified citizens.”

And when they get tired of being second class citizens, they’ll enroll their kids in college (like they already are), expand their businesses, hire more employees just like them, enroll more kids in college, grow even more wealthy. One day they’ll grow tired of living in the city and the suburbs.

They’ll realize that your small towns are ripe for the real estate pickings. They’ll decide they would rather commute than put up with the cities and suburbs.

One day immigtants realize that your small towns are ripe for the real estate pickings. They’ll decide they would rather commute than put up with the cities and suburbs.

Suddenly you’ll have a Paki neighbor. And you’ll be civil and treat him like shit, but he’ll call his Paki, or Arab or Asian, or Black and Mexican buddies and tell them about the great real estate in your rural community. In ten or fifteen years, your town will be crawling with the immigrants you hate. It won’t be your town anymore. They’ll run your town council, your stores, your library, your schools.

When the immigrants not only overrun, but control rural America, you’ll only have Trump to blame. But it will be worse.

When the immigrants not only overrun, but control rural America, you’ll only have Trump to blame.

You’ll have nowhere left to run. Except the inner city, the only place left in America where minorities (that means you) can find jobs are and low-rent houses. You’ll be reduced to lives of shitty jobs, and urban crime, and drugs.

When that happens. Black Trump will run for President with his running mate Moslem Pence. He’ll appeal for your vote even while he tells former immigrant voters — now in the majority — how you’re the problem. With the next breath he’ll promise to fix all the problems that “your kind” cause America.

He may even propose to wall in the inner cities to make sure you never escape to threaten the rest of us. That’s right. I’m white, but my great-great grandfather left England for Mexico where he lived for years before immigrating to the United States at the turn of the century. So — I’m proud to say — my family are Mexican immigrants too.[1]



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