The key word is “objective.” If you approach the question of God’s existence having decided the question, any evidence will reflect your belief. The question is whether or not we can start from ground zero, or, more importantly, can we work our way back. This is difficult because our perception of God is filtered through assumptions we have collected during our lifetimes and of which we may never be aware.

As a Christian, I am aware that my faith does not exclude the possibility that I am mistaken and that my religious experience has misled me to my current state of faith. Nor do I believe Christian scripture concludes that God has a hand in every detail or unfolding event within the universe (quite the opposite). For any Christian to suggest otherwise is to move beyond faith to denial.

Skepticism does not mean disbelief. It is also denial to suggest someone who reached a different conclusion about the presence or absence of God is not (ipso facto) thinking clearly.

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