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The incredible limp and unreliable spork.

The spork was invented by Dahl N. Ege, who went on to IKEA fame. He was hired by the petroleum industry to create demand for a cheap plastic (oil-based) product and to lower our expectations over the quality of the products we use daily. Principles which make IKEA great.
Much like planned obsolescence (originally called dynamic obsolescence by it’s originator Alfred Sloan at GM to create a competitive edge over the boring but reliable Fords), it acts on the subconscious to foster a preference for, and even dependence upon inferior products (a principal extended to politics and news).
The end game of the spork and planned obsolescence is a strategy called TOW (Turd on Wireless), an economic system in which consumers are pacified by the constant delivery of crap directly to their brains for which they pay an hourly delivery fee.

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