A response to Larry Kim’s:

The Surprising Creativity Killer We All Want More Of

Unlike many, I believe the most creative people know how to create creativity. Or at least take the steps to unleash the creative flow, even when it’s blocked (or when most people would think their creativity is blocked). In those moments, when they unleash their creative flow, they find happiness.

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  1. Creating something, no matter how small. A poem, a new joke, a story, a novel. (Like my twitter novel Doublemint Gumshoe — #AmWriting #TweetNovel, which I am tweeting now. And, yes, that’s a plug.)

The Workplace Kills Creativity Daily

When I hear CEOs and managers talk about the need for creativity in American business (not to mention science and policy making), I laugh. My experience with the workplace in business, non-profits and education (even college teaching) led me to realize that creativity and the workplace can’t truly co-exist. American management styles weed creativity at the root.

  • Generating results
  • Independence and freedom
  • Originality
  • Spontaneity and subconscious process
  • Thinking and evaluation
  • Variety, divergence, and experimentation
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