There is no excuse for Trump

(And it’s time to stop pandering to those who make them)

No matter how bizarre or erratic his behavior, no matter how extreme or ludicrous the prevarication, Trump supporters will always defend him. Their excuses can be so extreme, so extremely implausible that one Trump spin illusionist, Jeffrey Lord, prompted Anderson Cooper to accuse him of defending Trump if he took a dump on the Oval Office desk.

This is the Hankey emoji.
This is the big picture after Trump added his touches.

Why don’t more talking heads laugh in the faces of Trump’s spin butchers when they make the weekly rounds? Most likely they want to maintain the appearance of objectivity. Trump’s apologists, however, could care less about fairness or objectivity.

The media[1] has given the spin butchers more than a fair hearing. It’s time to say, “Did you throw away your brain with your vote?” (The answer is, scientifically speaking, yes, but more about that later.)

Trump needs time to learn the job.

Maybe, but at least he could have spent a few minutes studying for it. This President would rather Tweet and listen to his supporters stroke his ego on Brietbart and FOX News than master the skills of statecraft, diplomacy, and listening.

I don’t remember another President being let off the hook because he was learning the job.

Trump, was not only allowed to skip a grade, he was promoted straight to graduation. We elected the first candidate educated in Presidential home school. And his teachers fell down on the job.

Trump can’t do his job when he’s constantly under fire

How can Trump perform his duties when everyone criticizes him?

Clinton spent his entire Presidency under investigation, just like Trump. Only his multiple investigations went on for years. Not only did his opponents attack Clinton from the day he took office, his wife was the first First Lady to come under fire.

Liberals, including me, railed against Reagan and Shrub Bush, belittling them for their short attention spans, failure to grasp the issues and lack of intellectual acuity. Trump made both of them look like emeritus professors at Harvard and accomplished statesmen as well.

The smear campaign against Obama started before his election with comparisons to the Anti-Christ, claimis he was Muslim, and Trump’s relentless campaign to prove he wasn’t even American.

Obama moved his health care plan through Congress by making enough concessions to ultimately undermine the law and provide his opponents with cannon fodder for eight years. He also moved legislation through Congress that Bush couldn’t move, bailed out the auto industry and turned the economy around within a year. Not enough to pacify the Right, but better than the tailspin he inherited.

Trump is supposed to shake things up.

Maybe he is, but we don’t want a President to shake things up. We want a President to lead. Ask any teacher or manager, the guy who stirs things up is never the leader. He’s the troublemaker.

Defending Trump wrecks your brain

Neuroscientists have known for years that people rewire their brains when they cling to a rigid set of beliefs.[3] When you embrace one idea and dismiss the possibility that competing ideas might be equally valid (or even better), your brain builds a neural connection. Each time you reject competing ideas and insist you were right, your brain not only reinforces that neural connection, it erodes the connections that might encourage you to consider the possibility you might be wrong.

When you choose one idea to the exclusion of others, your brain builds permanent connections. (Brain image Copyright © 2003 Nicolas P. Rougier)

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