This may be the wrong place to share this but I loved Exodus. It was one of the first adult books I read the summer before high school in 1968, and I read it because of the movie. Only later did I realize how the book and movie framed the debate over Palestine that would arise during the last half century, even though the Saudis and Iran were our staunchest allies. I would explain but then you would be back in the dentist’s chair trying to esc…

Oh, wait. This is a response. You can stop reading at anytime.

PS: My dentist doesn’t bore us to tears. However, he plays Christian radio non stop, which wouldn’t bother me except it’s a contemporary Christian pop station that insists on “uplifting” music that sits in your stomach like indigestible candy syrup when a man and his assistants have their hands in your mouth.

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Living metaphor. Follow me @stephens_pt.

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