Where’s the Punchline?

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More installments from “I Was Abducted by Aliens in a Former Life” below…

  • Furious George
    The cautionary tale that inspired a classic childrens’ book.
A meaningless mnemonic to motivate. Not sure what the last sentence said? That’s how they intimidate you.
These three women later collapsed from Trumpxhaustion (Gage Skidmore)
  • Wife Sues eHarmony for Estrangement
    Blames online dating group for disastrous end to her marriage
    Madge Kurbel is suing eHarmony for three hundred million dollars. She says the online dating company ruined her forty-year marriage. She’ll settle for three hundred thousand, the amount she owes her lawyers. (Humor)
Marge Kurbel rocks on the body of her husband Ralph after they took eHarmony quiz. Creative Cafe recreation.
  • X Peaks: The Twin Peaks X-Files Crossover Episode
    An advance preview of the script for episode 13 of Twin Peaks: The Return

I Was Abducted by Aliens in a Former Life

Reports from the frontiers of space and time

Bestselling authors on humans (left to right) Gx$8bl, xvB+%m, and RG#lbT@ write in styles and on topics as different as their looks. You would do well to emulate their writing.
One of my alien abductors peruses the book “Handbook of Human Behavior.”
I didn’t believe my regression therapist until I saw the original photo of this image from the Lascaux Cave.

Politcal Satire

  • When they came for me
    First, they came for the Moslems, and I did not speak out —
    Because Moslems are terrorists and we’re at war with them.
  • The Coming Out of Spicey: Our hero basks in the moment the world embraced him at the Emmys, a moment the world forgot months ago. (with video)
  • 10 Signs You’re a Racist: The statement “I am not a racist” has dominated the national conversation. No one wants to be a racist. In spite of this, commentators have turned the rhetorical onslaught against people of color to 12.

The White House Log

Every story I covered at the White House since the election. (In Progress)

The President finds new self while rummaging through closet

Wry noir author Phillip T. Stephens wrote Cigerets, Guns & Beer, Raising Hell, and the Indie Book Award winning Seeing Jesus. Follow him @stephens_pt.



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