Words Gone Wrong

My Medium portfolio of poetry

A sample of my poems available on Medium.

  • Science Fiction:
    There are things that passion doesn’t know,
    things passion can never tell us
    except that our loins grow
    together with the rising of…
  • The Science of Attraction
    We can reduce the science of attraction to four laws:
    1. The force of attraction can be strong or weak.
  • Viewing Easy Rider
    In the end,
    Just before Dennis Hopper shot the bird at two
    Shit faced rednecks who shot back with both barrels…
  • Melancholy: with apologies to Yeats
    One had the blue jay’s voice
    And two or three had the charm of
    Porcelain figures that pee
    When you drop the coin.
  • Black Soul:
    Eb slammed the door, shook our house
    from wall to frame. My China
    plate fell. Shattered like the
    hard shards of his black coal heart.
  • Boundaries
    When you build
    walls on borders
    you think you locked them out…
  • Indigo:
    In the spring of passion,
    on the springs of our beds
    we fucked away our future in
    thoughtless careless love.
  • Love Isn’t Roses:
    Love isn’t roses
    flowery cards with rhymes
    printed in Kansas City, Missouri…
  • Broken Promises of Spring:
    Spring teases. Verdant pastures
    wither beneath blistering summer sun.
  • Sand. Surf. Scent… a Triptych
    Svengali? Never heard of him. For David she’d kick off her pumps, cook casseroles and carry children. She’d study 50 Shades like scripture, crawl naked on the floor, cudgel clamped in teeth, wax his shoes with her tongue. His name rolls across her tongue. Dah-veed. Blonde, Israeli, two-point-two percent body fat, thighs like oaks, biceps cut from concrete. A voice as deep as thunder from the horizon.
    Through her open window
    scented summer breezes drift.
    Warblers prophesy.…
  • Impressions:
    I planted my son’s first kiss
    on his forehead in my wife’s
    room which she shared with
    a chain-smoking waitress
    who rattled off tale after… (with audio)



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